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It looks as if I’ve finally got my site up and running.  I’m driving over to Auburn City Schools this afternoon to help sort some data and do some stratified sampling.  I just finished a paper on orthogonal projection in three dimensions and here is a graphic from the paper:

The two different colored dots are representing different estimated values and there errors from the 3-dimensional projection.  This picture is the same as a 2-dimensional scatter plot.  Just remember that in 2-dimensions we project 2-d data to a line; however, in 3-d we project our data onto a plane.  This brings up an interesting thought and perhaps my next experiment.  A 4-dimensional projection to a 3-dimensional universe.  Of course this picture isn’t possible in relationship to the scatter plot and the 3-dimensional projection.  We have no way to represent the 4th dimension to show the error between it and it’s universe.

The statistics on the death of blogs are quite impressive.  One out of one blogs will eventually die. ~ Basil Conway IV


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