Student Survey Analsysis

I just finished typing in some data from an in-class survey for last year (2009-2010).  Things look pretty good.  I did a comparison from the administration of the survey in the middle of the year to the ending of the year.  There were only two significant changes in a negative light.  Students said I decreased in my ability to grade fairly and treat them fairly from the beginning of the year to the ending of the year. I’d say overall the data does look good however.  It seems as if my best characteristic as a teacher from my students was being prepared for class and very close to grading fairly.  My worst seems to be making students more interested in math.  This has a very large variance in student responses.

V1 Grade Fairly
V2 Often Impatient
V3 High Expectations
V4 Class Interesting
V5 Treats Fairly
V6 Clear Directions
V7 Do Best Work
V8 Off Task
V9 Prepared for Class
V10 Expectations Clear
V11 Care About Student
V12 Explains Clearly
V13 More Interested in Math
V14 Understand Better
V15 Rating 1 Best, 5 Worst

According to averages, a man standing with one foot in a burning fire and the other in a bucket of ice with salt should feel perfectly fine. ~ Unknown


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