In the beginning…

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  (Genesis 1:1)

The creation of anything must have a starting date, hence “In the beginning”.  For there to be a time, there must be a space as described by relativity.  This is implied through, “God created the heavens”.  The last portion of this verse is what we actually observe today, not our literal word for earth.  This “God created… the earth” is describing the actual material God used to fill this time and space.  All three together make a very acurate description of what was needed at one moment in time for life as we know it to begin.  I wonder how this place where we were created from exists?  I believe it is definitely outside our understanding of how time and space relate to one another.  This is why asking my favorite childhood question makes no sense.  “When and Where did God come from?”  Outside our understanding of our current world, time and space are like a dot on a piece of paper.  This also explains how God can see the future but doesn’t directly interfere in its outcome.  What do you think?


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