Speckled Trout

I started my annual fishing trip today.  It seems as if the Florida Wildlife Game and Fish has made some narrow cut offs for the Speckled Trout.  My family and I caught about 50 fish and only 7 fell within the slot limit of 15″ – 20″.  All the others were below the limit.  The 7 we caught were below 17″.  We will start early tomorrow.  We only fished today for about 3-4 hours.

We caught over 100 today and kept about 28.  We fished about 6 hours.  The fishing was much better this morning.

We kept a much more accurate total today.  We caught 51 on our boat with 19 keepers.  We got into a different type of fish than the
Speckled Trout.  It was “Black Drum” and “Sheep Head” that measured anywhere from 14″ to 22″.  We only threw back about 5 of those type of fish that didn’t meet the minimum requirement.  We finished today with only about 5 speckled trout.  I wonder if anyone knows how the slots and minimum requirements are made?  I talked to a game warden that checked us today and he said that biologists are involved in the process.  I suppose these cutoffs are created to ensure healthy breeding.


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