Ancient Manuscripts

I recently have been blogging again on Dr. Gelman’s website.  After I referred Dr. Gelman to a recent book and documentary “The Case For Christ”, the threads began to spiral toward the historical evidence for Christ.  I found a pretty good website that had tables of other similar in age manuscripts of historical texts (  I also remembered a speaker once discussing Alexander The Great and his biography.  His biography was written somewhere between 300-500 years after his death.  Do we doubt the existence of Alexander the Great because his biography was written approximately 400 years later?  The website above says that manuscipts of the new testaments date to 130AD, 100 years after Jesus’s death.  I could see one arguing that the impact of Alexander the Great’s conquests provides more sound evidence, but what about the impact of Jesus on history?  Our current dating system comes from his birth.  The two main religions (Christianity and Islam) of the world recognize his existence.  The skepticism of Jesus’s existence  is unwarranted.


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