National Championship and Freezing Weather

It seems as if everything is frozen here in Auburn, AL.  Hopefully the power will be fixed in many of the areas so that people can watch the National Championship.  I’m making a 15 bean soup provided to me by one of my students (Kasey).  I’m going to put some deer sausage in with it.  I am going to make a prediction for the game tonight.  I foresee Auburn at 38 and Oregon at 28.  Auburn will take early control of the game and never relinquish control.  Let’s just hope that the weather here in Auburn won’t relate to our offense.  I don’t expect our defense to be any better than they have been all year.  I just don’t want them to get the deep ball.  Oregon had half as many first downs as Auburn, but just as many yards etc.  Auburn’s got to stop the deep ball and long run plays.


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