ESPN Commentary on Graduation Rates

ESPN recently wrote a blog and had a small segment on their program concerning graduation rates of black and white students.  They stated that Auburn and Oregon both have a long way to go in graduating black students.  They say that Auburn is nearly 100% graduation rate of white students and close to 40% for black students.  Oregon was only about 80% white students and 40% black students.  The bloggers and ESPN seemed to make out like this was an institutional problem.  I have to strongly disagree!  Most of student athletes and a very large number of minorities at these schools have tuition waivers and scholarships.  This allows them to focus more on their school work and in essence increasing graduation rates.  In many cases these scholarships are even being awarded to less academically elite students because of race to hopefully increase graduation rates and improve minority attendance for students who would not attend otherwise.  I think the true problem lies in earlier years of students development.  It no doubtly is related to social development of both races and what is valued as successful.  The other important thing to consider is the time spent in and out of classes in secondary and post secondary schooling.  Many times athletes are excused from school work for games and practices.  We can easily see that minority students are the majority in sports these days.  Could there be a relationship on our emphasis in sports in secondary schooling?


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