Alabama Governor

The new Alabama governor is already falling under scrutiny on the first day of office.  He states in a church setting that if you are a Christian, then you are his brother or sister.  If you are not, then you do not have the same relationship.  Perhaps we should praise this governor for actually voicing what he truly believes than what he doesn’t.  When Dr. Bentley is in a church setting with his brothers and sisters in Christ, what more would you expect?  The same goes for all public figures.  Perhaps more of our public figures should make more efforts to put forth their true beliefs.

By the Way, if you think his saying was discriminatory, I disagree.  Many of us have friends we love just as much as our brothers and sisters.  We treat others just as equally as we do our family.  Him having a bond with other Christians that extends farther is not discriminatory.  It is part of his own faith.


One response to “Alabama Governor

  1. i think i was reading about this at NYT last week

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