Flood or poisoned algae?

I recently received an e-mail that pointed to a very recent discovery of a, supposedly 150 million year old, fossilized squid.  The squid was so well-preserved that researchers were able to extract the ink from its pocket ground it up and make ink.  There were thousands of soft tissue animals in this small area  including many soft tissue animals that were preserved.  The only evidence researchers site is that possibly poison algae caused a mass of these animals to die in the same location with no evidence of why such a fast fossilization process occurred.  I venture to say there is a small problem with their calculation of age and that the historic flood from the Bible played a part in this fossilization.  This would explain how the researchers were able to extract ink from such an old specimen and the quick fossilization.  Here’s the article I found concerning the find: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/5794280/Scientists-draw-squid-using-its-150-million-year-old-fossilised-ink.html


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