Egypt and Democracy don’t mix

I’ve been recently following the events in Egypt with National Public Radio.  NPR has done a nice job covering the story, but they have lacked the intelligence to report the expected outcome of the regime leader Mubarak relinquishing control of the government.  The religion in Egypt is predominately Muslim, between 80 and 90 % according to  The Muslim religion does not promote social equity between males and females.  This religion is also not tolerant of other religions, especially Christianity and Judaism.  To find out more about the Muslim religion and how it has played a part in society with references to the Koran go to  The largest political party in Egypt is the “Muslim Brotherhood” and will likely take control of the government soon.

I find it interesting that our president here in the USA promoted the leader step down knowing the events that will soon play out.  The leader has been a strong ally the last 6 years.  With Egypt’s possible new government, it will be interesting to see which nations they decide to ally with.  I don’t foresee the regime change being a strong ally of America even as a democratic nation.


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