The Bystander Effect – part II

I did just a little research on the bystander effect and found a similar study to what my brother is proposing, .  The study here used the percent of people who helped in a situation where a person dropped a lot of papers on campus.  This is related to my last post in that the researcher chose to treat one observation as multiple observations.  The paper mentioned not controling for variables such as gender and ethnicity, but I wouldn’t think they would be that significant.  The thing that the paper doesn’t mention if trying to control for these type variables is the interaction between the experimenter and the helping participant.  I feel like a female would be more likely to help a female, but a female would not be as likely to help a male.  I believe there will be some interactions like this in my brother’s study.  He has two females and two males conducting the experiment.  I wouldn’t think a female would approach a male after littering in public.  We’ll see how these results play out.


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