US Census First EVER!

I was checking out the major data measurements provided by the Census Bureau,  The very first page shows total population change for the last 10 years.  For the first time ever, the south has increased in population faster than other regions.  Ofcourse, these earlier measurements from the early 1900’s had many people flying to the west for opportunity so those statistics aren’t quite fair.  I hope this new trend is a shift our nation is beginning to take back to conservatism, traditionalism, and just the plain fundamentals of less government.  Ofcourse, I’m sure professionals in populational research will disect this information much differently and more appropriately.  I’m sure there response will deal with availability of jobs etc.  I suppose our jobs as southerners are to take advantage of these new comers and initiate them appropriately to good southern hospitality.  I wonder how this shift is going to play into our southern politics…


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