Gadhafi and Other NPR Top Stories

As always, I’m listening to NPR ( and think of another blog post.  Gadhafi was quoted as saying that the uprising in Libya was created by Taliban forces.  This really makes me curious.  We in the USA think of the Taliban as a “radical” Muslim “extremist” group and classify them as a terrorist group.  We are consistently fighting against their cause in Iraq.  We have two options to really think about Gadhafi’s quote.  The first is that he lied about the Taliban trying to over power his authority in an attempt to gain alliance with the USA.  This would hopefully issue him some military help from the USA.  The other option is that he really didn’t lie at all.  I would favor the second option.  The Taliban wants a democratic nation similar to the “Muslim Brotherhood” in my earlier post on Egypt and democracy.  The majority of the population is muslim after being conquered in the 8th century.  Gadhafi has enacted a government that is purely based on Shari law.  I believe the struggle for the nation is coming in Gadhafi’s own interpretation of the Koran and Shari law.  I wish I understood what these revolutionaries want to truly change.

It looks like there is going to be a federal shut down over the proposed budget not passing Congress.  I think the president’s budget was ridiculous to begin with.  He smartly appointed a committee of Republicans and Democrats to create a budget that would reduce the budget by a specific margin.  He basically only used one thing from their plan and threw the rest out the window.  His own budget didn’t met his own budget reduction guidelines for the group.  Why not go with the bipartisan plan?!?

Obama has recently said that the DOMA, Defense of Marriage Act, was unconstitutional.  You asked for change and you’re getting it!  That’s all I got to say about that.

Lastly, people are up in odds over public and private pension funds throughout the nation.  Many state pension funds are dwindling quickly with the current economy.  People in the public or state funded pension funds are arguing of low salaries and worse pension funds.  Here in Alabama, I would argue that the largest benefit of state employment is the pension and health insurance.  I know many people who drive a bus everyday just for the insurance coverage provided by the state.  I’m really worried that reducing these benefits will very seriously affect the quality of education and other state government employees.  Most of us are already paid very inadequately and when you take away the good things we do have, we will find somewhere else to provide for our and our families livelihoods.


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