Terrible Statistical Teaching Presentation

So I’m taking this class on the common core this semester and we have to present a topic that flows through the k-12 grades in order for classmates to see the future progression of material for students.  One of the groups presenting how displaying data progresses really did a good job; however, their culminating activity had some real problems.  They had a good idea of how to help students understand the skew of data, but they did it with categorial measurements.  You may be thinking what?  That’s what I was thinking.  They had us measure the colors of M&M’s and create a histogram in a way that showed a left or right skew.  A skew from what?  Did they really understand what skew means?  Skew the third moment about the mean, which is similar to variance (the second moment).  The first moment is the mean.  This is going to be a long process for teachers not only teaching students, but teaching themselves.  I believe knowing about skew goes farther than just looking at a distribution and saying if it has a long left or right tail.  It should include things like QQ Plots, Box Plots, comparisons of different central measurements, and other pre-liminary techniques used to understand a sampled distribution.


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