Rat in a Cage

It’s been a stormy last couple of days here in Alabama.  It’s really made me think about how, as large as our world is, we are actually very constrained.  The clouds parted in the sky and I noticed a beautiful blue sky with white clouds above the storm clouds.  Things are always so relative to the observer.  As a plane was flying overhead, the pilot could observe a wonderful bright day while I experienced a dreary wet day.  Things can be so different for two people in the same place at the exact same time.  As I marvel at this very simplistic marvel, I think about this relationship to God.  We are so confined to the earth we live on.  There have not been many people at all to leave the Earth’s atmosphere, yet even this phenomenon is trivial.  Even an observer in our own universe seems trivial.  What awaits outside this dimension?  I wonder how an observer outside space and time could forget sins forever.  If God forgets sins and is outside time, couldn’t he always go back to revisit these sins?  Will I forget my own sins when I enter into a higher dimension?


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