Mathematical Textbook Review

I have to be real honest.  I’m rather disappointed in most all the textbooks I’ve been reviewing so far.  Most all textbooks have just put a stamp on the cover saying “Common Core Standards” with some new introduction pages.  The mathematical practice standards seem to be almost nonexistent with very limited student tasks to build conceptual knowledge.  My personal favorite before the Common Core adoption (Connected Mathematics – Pearson) did very little to nothing to adjust for the change in standards.  This lack of effort actually made me disregard the book during adoption meetings because of it’s content being spread throughout grade levels.  Connected Math has really dropped the ball with its addressing of the common core state standards.  I want a textbook that has good tasks that build conceptual knowledge and have enough procedual skills and practice to make understanding concrete.  I’m so tired of having to pull material from multiple sources to ensure a topic is covered in fidelity.  Looks like I’ll have to keep doing it until the next textbook adoption  year springs forth.

For any of those interested.  I’ll post a report from my textbook review (Auburn University/EARIC textbook analysis meetings) in the coming months.


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