Sound Bite vs. Elevator Speech

So we had an interesting discussion on sound bites and elevator speech in my graduate course Tuesday.  I’m suppose to come up with one of these both to demonstrate the NCTM process standards.  I want my sound bite to be catchy, but also raises curiosity.  I believe my sound bite will be on the teaching princple, “teaching is more complex than flying a plane”.  There is a new push to professionalize teaching (as if we aren’t already professionals) by creating practices that every teach should have the capacity to complete correctly.  I believe this is a great idea, but I keep hearing the same analogy of airiplane pilots to teachers.  People consider airplane pilots professionals evidently as they have certain things they must complete to achieve their pilot license like landing, taking off, etc.  Teaching is a much more complex task that flying a plane.  There are specefic tasks or goals that each teacher should be able to complete to be competent, but teaching is a complex endeavor.  Teaching requires deep knowledge of a particular subject matter, understanding students as learners, and pedagogical strategies to achieve these goals.  It also requires reflection to improve instruction.  This makes teaching a much more complex profession with no easy receipe.


One response to “Sound Bite vs. Elevator Speech

  1. Not to mention that each student learns in his/her own unique way. Much of teaching has to do with the compatibility of student learning process and teacher teaching methods.

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