Median-Median Line and Absolute Deviations

So this is my first year teaching the Median-Median Line procedure to my accelerated 7th graders.  They picked it up well; however, they started mixing the procedures for a box plot with the Median-Median line.  They will be tested on the inferences from regression models and data sets tomorrow.  Interestingly, they also learned how to compute the mean and median absolute deviations.  This was a much more strenous exercise for them.  After going through one problem set, I let them start using the TI-83 calculators to complete the exercise and emphasized more of the implications of these procedures.  Many of the students did well with the calculators and their intuition was very good on how to subtact lists within the calculators program language.  Other students however are still fighting the aspect of using the calculator to perform statistical tasks.  It’s actually interesting to see many of the very bright foreign students resisting the use of the calculator, but recognizing its usefulness for statistics.


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