Trying to Increase Box Office Attendance

So I’m listening to NPR a few weeks ago and hear how they are attemping to increase new movie attendance by increasing frame rates.  They have this idea that the better the technology in the movies, the more likely we are to come.  The real issue isn’t us being bored at the movies, it’s the prices!  Stop increasing the 3-d and frame rate technology and make it more economical to attend.  I don’t see why a trip to the movies should cost me almost half a days wage.  I propose that pricing of movies should have some kind of function that determines cost.  I would think possible factors would be projected attendance and length of time in box office.  Strong movie goers would continue to watch premiers while increasing attendance to movies when they are unlikely to draw much interest. 

Other easy methods would be to transfer production costs of movies to customers.  Why should low budget films cost as much as others?  Why does a movie that has one celebrity playing multiple rolls cost as much as movies with multiple celebrities?


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