Trying on a Phenomenology and Narrative Lens

My focus the last week has been on reading and understanding phenomenology and narrative qualitative research. When I first read about narrative research, I was under the impression that respondents provided data through a narrative and the researcher reported results using a narrative. After reading different studies, this is not always the case. This makes the use of a narrative in my research much more “doable”. Possibly because I’m not much of a wordsmith, but even more largely affected by my personal preference to having results just given and not hidden in interpretation. I always came away after reading a book with a different idea than what my instructor wanted in my college literature courses. Through my current reading and writing for my literature review and dissertation question, I am going to try on two types of questions. The qualitative narrative and phenomenological approach. Through my recent readings of dissertations on IASE and journal articles on JSE, there seems to be little emphasis on how teaching statistics develops students statistical reasoning. Authors have seemingly neglected the role of student connections from their courses to projects in determining how informal and formal reasoning in statistics develop.
Overarching Question: How do pedagogical techniques influence students ability to reason statistically and attitudes?
Possible Narrative Question:
Tell me what you did in class through the year that changed your understanding of statistics.

Possible phenomenological Question:
Explain to me your experience of answering a statistical question.
When have you made a deduction or inference in statistics?


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