Trying on a Ethonograpy and Grounded Theory Lense

My focus is continaully evolving by reading the statistical literature. At one point I want to dive into student understanding of particular concepts in statistics. Other times I want to look more at the general aspect of developing reasoning and the thought process of being a statisitician. When I look at the ethnography lense, I can see how the second might surmise in an ethnographic study very easy. If I were to attempt to use an ethonograpy to understand my classroom, there wouldn’t be a clear question. I would hope by being involved in the class enviornment some of the methodologies and interactions would demonstrate this understanding and relationship. Students would perhaps reflect on the opportunities to learn and how these efforts were either successful or not. The grounded theory approach would probably work very well for my first question. How does a student develop or understand a particular concept in statistics. By posing a question to a group of students and analyzing responses, I could understand the misconceptions and previous knowledge of students in order to determine how to best make more questions of the topic I am addressing. I could resample the same group or a different group of students after reformulating my questions to see if this new methods provides more insights. It seems as if a final product for this would be an understanding of how a student comes to know a particular concept in statistics and perhaps even meaningful tasks to use and develop student understanding.

It seems that with each type of qualitative study, the large difference is what is aquired at the end. In order to determine the type of study that you will use, the researcher should make clear what their intentions are for their research. This relates very much to the generalizability found in quantiative literature and the transferability in the qualitative. How would you like to transfer the information in your reserach for use in others.


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