Pilot Test

So I have finally decided to go with a qualitative narrative for my pilot study on how assessment and instruction interact to shape student attitudes. I found a class to sample this summer. I am planning to just watch the class in a few hours to get an idea of how the class operates as far as student and teacher interaction. I will later meet with the teacher to get an idea of how he believes assessment and instruction interact in his class. I will also see how he believes these two things shape student attitudes. At the end of the class, I plan to introduce myself and my research question. I’m hoping for volunteers who will be willing to tell me about a 30 minute story regarding this interaction and their experience in this and other courses. I suppose if I constrain them to this class, I will have a type of case study; however, I hate to refrain students from sharing how their attitudes have been shaped. For this reason, I’m not going to refrain students from discussing other classes.


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