Change of Angle… Slightly

After starting my literature review for my dissertation this summer, I’ve come to realize that the learning environment that I’m especially interested in is directly tied to one author with little to no empirical studies scrutinizing or confirming it. This learning environment however has been researched in mathematics education. It is also hard to find in many mathematics classes. I’ve also come to realize that just analyzing curriculum, instruction, and assessment can be hairy. These things can be aligned in any classroom environment and produce specific types of learning. The misalignment is not so much of curriculum, assessment, and instruction, but how these things are used to create certain types of learning that conflict with an instructors view of what is important mathematically. I also believe that the aligning of curriculum, assessment, and instruction are very easy to do; however, alignment of these as learning tools that promote specific depths of knowledge is more difficult. Assessment is most often used only as an evaluative tool for students and is really the key factor in promoting any certain type of learning or learning environment.


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