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Trying to Increase Box Office Attendance

So I’m listening to NPR a few weeks ago and hear how they are attemping to increase new movie attendance by increasing frame rates.  They have this idea that the better the technology in the movies, the more likely we are to come.  The real issue isn’t us being bored at the movies, it’s the prices!  Stop increasing the 3-d and frame rate technology and make it more economical to attend.  I don’t see why a trip to the movies should cost me almost half a days wage.  I propose that pricing of movies should have some kind of function that determines cost.  I would think possible factors would be projected attendance and length of time in box office.  Strong movie goers would continue to watch premiers while increasing attendance to movies when they are unlikely to draw much interest. 

Other easy methods would be to transfer production costs of movies to customers.  Why should low budget films cost as much as others?  Why does a movie that has one celebrity playing multiple rolls cost as much as movies with multiple celebrities?



I saw an awesome movie last Tuesday with my wife called “Courageous”.  It really made you think about how you spend your time with your family and how valuable each second is that you have with them.  The strength of the main character in the story was also breath taking.  I believe it would be very difficult to lose my child and not give responsibility to God for this action.  Negative things happen in a world that is filled with sin.  These things aren’t from God but are allowed by God to strengthen his people.  The question still is open to why did he chose to take that little child and other innocents of the world.

Negative Comments

I was driving down the road the other day thinking about my prior posts on the blog.  I feel like I post more negative things than positive.  I’m going to start taking a deliberate effort to post positive things.  The world is filled with negativity and criticism.  Perhaps I can be a voice that brings out the light in situations and offers advice rather than ridicule.

New Endeavors

For those of you who aren’t close to me, I’ve recently been accepted into the Teacher Leader Academy at Auburn University.  I’m really excited about this, not only because it’s some extra income for my family, but they pay for my graduate studies completely.  I’m going to have the chance to not only pursue my interest in statistics but to pursue them in a meaningful way in education.  I’m going to be able to merge my loved profession of education with my knowledge of statistics.  This is going to be a great time for me to actually pursue these interests with about 41 states, including Alabama, adopting the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  There is some definite increase in rigor and cognitive demand for students and teachers alike.  Hopefully I will be able to share some of my statistical and pedagogical knowledge with teachers around the nation as being a part of the T.L.A.

Set Theory

I just completed a lesson with my 1st period class on the cardinality of the intersection of sets. This is not something in my course of study, but I thought it would be a great activity for a day when many of my kids were on a field trip. It was amazing how well a student in my 7th grade class did. She represented the cardinality accurately for two sets and three with no prior experience with sets besides yesterdays lesson involving intersections, unions, and subtraction. I challenged her to show me the equation for the cardinality of the intersection of 4 sets in attempt for her to find a pattern in these formulas. I love it when kids climb farther than what I anticipate.

Bee Hive Swarm

We have now had a total of 4 swarms this year from a start of 3 hives.  We actually split one hive at the beginning of the spring and had 4 hives.  Unless an old queen swarmed twice, this means we had a new queen swarm this year.  Here’s a video of our last swarm.

Perfect Stars and Regular Polygons (digital sums…)

This year in my mathematics class, I waited to assign student projects on regular polygons until the last quarter.  Partly because of having an intern in my classroom, but I think it feel rather nicely into the last quarter course objectives.  This year, I actually allowed one student to complete the assignment digitially using a program called geogebra.  I encouraged the student to use some other computer techniques to describe how they used the program to complete the assignment.  I was a little at odds allowing the computer program to take the place of the student completing the regular polygon by hand because of learning to use a protractor to create angles.  I think the digital assignment went well; the student actually completed the assignment about 20-30 minutes faster than the hand made projects and was able to help another student complete theirs because they were absent. 

This year I had university students come to my class to practice lessons involving pi with my students.  One of the lessons involved connecting points along a circle using digital sums.  I had many students use this technique to help describe how they connected their vertices to create stars inside the regular polygon.  This really made me think about next year including a lesson on modulo arithematic before beginning the project.  I’ll follow this post up later with a few example projects.